Home Automation

The problem absence of reliable & affordable solution to control or monitor the electrical appliances remotely with minimal human effort in the market . Vision to became a primary cross protocol for enable devices , the trend and expected size of Global Smart Home by 2023 is 130 Bn from 20B $ in 2014 .PLUTEK and its eco Partner made the solution making life easier , universal access , time based scheduling and to curb high energy consumption

The gist of Solution descriptions are below

Control : Switch on/off all your electrical appliances ( Light, Fan, A.C, TV, Geysers etc.) with your Smartphone from anywhere
Surveillance : IP cameras can be integrated with our solution giving you a live feed in the app along with 7 days of recording.
Energy Monitoring : Our Switches track electricity consumption of each device in real-time & collect this data for further analysis.
Intelligence : Your Home learns from your needs and will automatically take care of the climate & light settings.
Voice Integration : Now, your electrical appliances can be controlled by voice commands.
Moods : Single Tap! and your home will be transformed into exactly how you wanted it to be.
Alerts : Get instant notifications & timely alerts for all the important things that happen in and around your home.
Scheduling : Set up schedules on your lights, fans, ACs & Geysers to save on your time and money effectively.
Installation : Our team of trained, certified & highly professional engineers will make your home smarter & running up in just a few hours
Analytics : Generate beautiful yet meaningful visualizations from your energy consumption data to help you plan & save on electricity bills.
Software : Robust architecture, meticulously designed interfaces & AI App
Easy to use Interface that simplifies all our features into the palm of your hands.