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Road and Infrastructure Management

Our Road Asset Management Solution simplifies forecasting and resource allocation by providing multiple analysis scenario capabilities. Efficient management summaries and easy-to-understand graphic reports allow managers to compare proposed work programs based on agency specific criteria. Plutek’s partnership with world’s leading RAMS (OEM), in addition to our experienced team, brings a unique experience in the field of Road and Infrastructure management. Various services provided under Road Asset Management system include:

  • Decision Optimization System for more effective funding allocations across programs and asset types.
  • Advanced Bridge Management System (BMS) with unmatched analytics tools
  • Advanced Pavement Management System optimizes the decision-making process to achieve greater ROI
  • GIS-integrated Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Bridge inspection system ensures public safety and extends the service life of bridges
  • Manage labor, equipment and material
  • Proven fleet & equipment management system reduces fleet operating costs while increasing ROI
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Management System to Perform maintenance activity analysis
  • Comprehensive map-based right-of-way (ROW) and utility relocation system
  • Sign management system increases public safety and helps meeting retrospective requirements
  • Traffic signal and ITS management system ensures pedestrian safety and safe, efficient traffic flow