Smart Light Solution

Around 20% of the global electricity is consumed by lighting. The whole world is rigorously exploring newer technologies to optimize power consumption. The wait is over. Our smart lighting solution continuously monitors the operations of street lights by a centralized monitoring system which reduces energy consumption, operation and man power cost and increase efficiency.
Offer ‘on-demand lighting’ in which the lighting levels adjust based on the presence of pedestrians, bicycles or cars. The lights ‘dim’ during off-peak hours when there is no one in the vicinity. Upon detection, all the lights in the surrounding area ‘glow’ to a user defined brightness. This results in substantially reduced energy consumption in a safe and comfortable manner.
Most smart street lighting solutions today are limited& lack open connectivity in favor of proprietary systems that come together with new fixture sales
Our smart streetlight is a street lighting remote management system that enables automatic ON/OFF and dimming control of every street lighting fixture in the city. It provides in- depth grid awareness and real- time feedback of any change occurring along the grid.
Through dimming and smart scheduling, the system can reduce the energy costs with up to 80% (with LED lamps). Real-time malfunction monitoring and maintenance optimization tools increase lighting service satisfaction and can further cut operational costs with up to 42%.

  • Reduced electrical cost and OPEX
  • Demand-driven lighting
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Improved safety
  • Enhance customer engagement