Smart Waste Management

The Solution Drivers & Customer Glitches Citizens demand better service Operational cost reductions and improved environment and health safety Need for easy accessible reports on operational efficiencies and City administration needs understanding of the big picture, generating reports, control over pricing etc.

Challenges: Insights on fill status across the area & non-optimized route planning, Over-filling and emergency call outs,Controlling drivers and tracking the fleet Data Acquisition & Reporting problems. Over 10 years Global waste volume expected to be crease 50%

Smart waste Management feature :

  • Asset tracking
  • Location services
  • Alert processing
  • Performance & KPI
  • Reporting and
  • Security
  • Container-fill status
  • Geo
  • GPS based tracking
  • On-board diagnostics,
    Driver behavior & status
  • Remote management

Intelligent Live Dashboard Monitoring , IoT Fill level Sensors , Send optimized route directly to drivers ,Efficient and Smarter collection operations Real-time management of dustbins stopping overflow , Contribution to the Green environment, Low consumption of fuel and manpower